Go Tech Launches FunTab Fusion & FoneTab Tablets

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The most popular, Indian Govt’s Aakash is no more king of it’s price range. At slightly higher price, better and better tablets started arriving. There was a time, when no manufacturer was ready to make tablets at much cheaper price, and few of them suggested at least Rs. 5000 for the price of Tablet. But, Indian Govt. wanted to offer Tablet for Students, in just Rs. 1500 ($35 Tablet). Now, there are many tablets available in the price Rs. 3000, which can be desribed as Aakash rivals. New entry in this segment is from a Delhi based company, Go Tech. They have made yet another buzz in tablets market, with launch of Go Tech Funtab Fusion, and Fonetab Tablets, which are priced for Rs. 3,999 and Rs. 6,999 respectively.

GoTech FunTab FoneTab Android Tablets Go Tech Launches FunTab Fusion & FoneTab Tablets

Both of the tablets would be available soon in only one variant, Silver color, but chances are that these tablets might be come with black color as well. Both the tablets have difference of specifications, and Fonetab is obviously better than it’s brother, while Funtab proves itself as cost effective solution. Go Tech has launched these tablets, mainly with ‘Youth’ focus, with motive to provide education and entertainment, according to Gaurav Khanna, Managing Director of Go Tech.

The cheaper sub 3K variant, Funtab Fusion runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread Firmware, and have a 800 Mhz processor. There is a just 256MB RAM, but 2GB internal storage is offered, with support of 32GB Expandable memory. The screen is of 7-inch, which offers 800×480 resolution. Whereas, the other 6K priced model. Fonetab also runs on 800MHz process, but have a better 512MB RAM, and also runs Gingerbread. Again 7-inch resistive touch screen is offered, alongside it adds features of WiFi, USB,  Bluetooth, 0.3MP front cam, and mini USB in addition. Go Tech claims 7 hours backup, on this Fonetab’s 3600 mAh battery, which seems good.

Did these tablets impressed you, or will you prefer to go with it’s competitors like Mercury iXA Tab, Micromax Funbook, BSNL Penta Tpad, E Fun 7S and many more.

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