Touchmate 3DTab – 8 Inch Touch-Screen Internet Tablet Unveiled

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The 3D has started their entry into Tablets and Smartphones. The many smartphones like HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D comes with in-built 3D support, but nonetheless there is no Tablet, which offers 3D experience without Glasses. The revolutionary tablet, called Touchmate 3DTab has been presented by, Dubai based company, Quality computers. It is initially launched in Dubai, and also prepared to sold here in India.

 Touchmate 3DTab Touchmate 3DTab – 8 Inch Touch Screen Internet Tablet Unveiled

Touchmate 3DTab Android Tablet boasts a 8-inch (2.32-cm) capacitive multi-touch screen, which offers 1280×768 pixel resolution. Running on latest Android 4.0 ICS Firmare, it is powered by 1.2 GHz Arm Cortex A8 High Speed Processor. The company said they launched the tablets, after understanding the demand of customers. Company feels proud to be become First to bring Glasses Free 3D Tablet to the world.

The Touchmate 3DTab has a dual camera on front and back, and designed for usage in entertainment usage. According to sources, the new 3D ICS tablet comes with pre-installed Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, MSN, email, Google apps and other content. it also supports WiFi, and its HDMI helps to convert 3D to 2D as per required. In simple words, It has HDMI-out which can convert high-definition LCD TV into Smart Internet TV by just plugging in the port. The company would bring 10-inch variant of Touchmate 3D tab, expected to be out in May, followed by some of seven other models.

According to Quality Computers, customers who look for affordable options, can’t go with expensive tablets like Samsung. Firstly, company is selling 300 unites of Touchmate 3D Tab Tablets, and 1,700 units of 3D tablets to be distributed in next batch. If you are living in India, you would be able to purchase this tablet though LuLu in Kochi, India, who signed the contract with Quality Computers to sell Touchmate 3DTab Tablets in India. It is priced locally at Dh16,00.

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  1. dubai user says:

    on dis tabazz we can use skype?

  2. Md Sabir ali says:

    whats the price?