Samsung Champ Deluxe/ Duos, Star3/ Duos Comes with Opera Mini!

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The faster Internet was mostly limited to expensive mobile phones, at least in Samsung Mobiles. Same like Nokia, Samsung was not aware to provide Third-party Browser pre-installed, which is far better. Samsung assuming to provide better now, as they have announced that their many mobiles will come with fastest browser. Samsung Champ Deluxe, Champ Deluxe Duos, Star3, and Star3 Duos would be shipped, with preinstalled Opera Mini, in 2012.

Samsung Star 3 Duos Opera Mini Samsung Champ Deluxe/ Duos, Star3/ Duos Comes with Opera Mini!

Hence, the above mentioned phone users, would not find the way stick to just default browser. So, all of the users can enjoy Smartphone like web browsing experience, along with better and fastest speed. Thanks to the special engine of Opera Mini, which effectively compress the actual page, and then re-format it according to the display of phone. Samsung wants to deliver, Faster web experience, even on the cheapest models, which are not known to deliver that quality browsing yet. Even, we have unpacked and tested recently, Samsung Champ Deluxe Duos, and we were not happy with the experience of Web Browsing, and even Facebook App settings. The settings of in-built browser were not user-friendly at all. So, it appears that problem would be fixed with Opera Mini Browser.

Opera mini users revolutionary technology, in which webpages gets compressed automatically. This eventually reduces the actual page load time of the phone, resulting to save user’s over 90% of data coasts, with saving bandwidth. Opera Mini features, Tabs, Password Manager, Opera Link, and Speed Dial for convenient web browsing. Opera Mini is No.1 Mobile Phone browser worldwide, and now Samsung Mobile Phones also becoming better when it will come along with them. According to our sources in Samsung, the Opera Mini equipped phones would be start shipping in next days.

How to install Opera Mini in Samsung Champ Deluxe, Deluxe Duos, Star 3 and Star 3 duos

If you are existing owner of Samsung Champ Deluxe, Champ Deluxe Duos, Star3, then you would want get the taste of Opera Browser. Visit and download Opera Mini from there, and install it manually. That’s it.

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