Zebronics Launches Sound Monster Series Speakers

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Speakers are no more subject of just voice, users are so much aware about quality of build, in other words they are very much conscious about the design of speakers now. When we write about speakers here, one Indian company we can’t forget which is Top Notch Infotronix. I personally love their products, including Cabinets, Multimedia Players, Digital Photo Frames, Headphones and Speakers. We have got our hands on Zebronics Cabinets back in October, and we were highly impressed with smoother color coating of the PC Chassis.

Zebronics Sound Monster Series Speakers Zebronics Launches Sound Monster Series Speakers

Now here, we are conversing about the latest launch of Speakers by the company. Zebronics is come up with, five new models in their Sound Monster Series, these models are Zebronics ZEB-SWT9200RUCF (140W), ZEB-SWT9100RUCF (140W), ZEB-SW8500RUCF (110W), ZEB-SWT8300RUCF (95W) and ZEB-SWT8200RUCF (95W). As you can see have kept the ‘Wattage’ of speakers under bracket, so you can easily have an idea about the sound and performance about specific speakers model.

Zebronics Sound Monster Speakers are having 5.1 channel enabled, to deliver multimedia sound. They are boxed in argument style  and design as usually Zebronics does, to make it compelling to all the consumer segment including Rural, Urban or Modern consumer segments. With the front-firing subwoofer, the speakers are intended to make users fell deep into the world of music. The beautifully crafted speakers comes with full functional wireless remote, that adjust the volume levels up, down, mute easily. The company said, the cabinets of the speakers delivers full bass and appropriate trible, to enable speakers perform well in terms of music. The best feature about these speakers is that you can adjust volume, from anywhere sitting in the room, with wireless remote control.

All these ‘Sound Monster’ Speakers are suitable for any Desktop or Laptop Computers. Zebronics said, no matter if you want to play games, watching videos or want to listen to the music, the speakers are perfect in the conditions, to perform well in power output, frequency responce, distortion, noise and the performance. The subwoofer of the speakers are claimed to kept the balance at all the high or low listening levels. They also leashed with in-built FM tuner equipped with preset function. Users can easily control both of memory card or the FM Radio with the provided remote. Optionally, users can use, the on-system touch panel, to adjust the settings.

The Zebronics ‘Sound Monster’ Speakers, ZEB-SWT9200RUCF (140W), ZEB-SWT9100RUCF (140W), ZEB-SW8500RUCF (110W), ZEB-SWT8300RUCF (95W) and ZEB-SWT8200RUCF (95W) are made available, in the price Range between Rs. 6200 to Rs. 4500 through all the leading stores in India.

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