Harris RF-3590 7-inch Military-Grade Tablet Launched

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Since tablet market has already powerful contenders like Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, as well as other tablet, the more and more tablets are making with some different intentions. The newer entry is Harris RF-3590 Ruggedized Tablet, which has been launched by  Harris Corporation, Australian company.

Harris RF 3590 Ruggedized Tablet1 Harris RF 3590 7 inch Military Grade Tablet Launched

The Harris RF-3590 7-inch tablet is built with advanced military standard, for durable and rough-touch usage specifications. The tablet is tout to deliver ‘smartphone-like’ usage experience, and said right for military personnel, and other first time responders etc. who visit the missions and require real-time information with them. The tablet offers mission-critical applications, which proves essential in the battlefield etc. Whereas, the Harris Falcom III wideban tactical radio networks, 4G LTE, and 3G network support keeps the users connected with the Internet to explore the information. The tablet is optimized to enable reading in sunlight along with lightweight and portability.

The Harris RF-3590 Ruggedized Tablet is claimed to operate in cold, heat and other hard conditions, making useful for military, federal agency, and fire  brigade users. The tablet is capable to deliver voice, data and video to first responders and military persons. The tablet offers 3G, 4G technology, in addition to powerful computing device. It consists of all the required features such as Gyroscope, proximity, Ambient light Sensors,Temperature gauges etc. The tablet is equipped with built-in cameras, and runs on a 1.5GHz dual core processor, along with 128GB internal memory.

For Military, they need rough device, which can offer durability and performs in all the conditions. Harris Corporation is specialized company, which offers communications and information technology services worldwide, more than 150 countries. So we can expect that this tablet should be good as per mentioned in the announcement. Of course, this is and Android tablet, but somewhat different from standard tablets. Apparently, the Harris RF-3590 Ruggedized Tablet, should do better job in surveillance and reconnaissance tasks. The detailed features or specifications aren’t revealed.

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