SanDisk Extreme SSD and SanDisk X100 SSD Launched in India

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SanDisk Corporation is leading player in Solid State Drive (SSD) and other storage products, such as Flash Drives, and Memory Cards. They have just launched SanDisk Extreme SSD in India. The company claims like usual, this SSD is high performance, yes it can be due to revolutionary Solid State Drive technology.

Sandisk Extreme X100 SSD SanDisk Extreme SSD and SanDisk X100 SSD Launched in India SanDisk Extreme SSD is claimed to boot in just 16 seconds, it is tested 10 times faster when compared to standard 7,200 RPM hard disk drives. The faster booting enables computer to start and shut down quickly, enabling their users to save their time. The SSD is durable, and also efficient in terms of power, that offers enhance better life on laptops. Especially, notebook users and gamers always need this kind of benchmarks in the performance of their PC, and it is essential in multiplayer online games and some application operations.

Apart from the performance, SanDisk Extreme SSD is power efficient, and consumers 30% less energy than other drives. Because it doesn’t contain any moving part, it is easy and safe to carry anywhere. The SSD can deliver 83,000 random write Input-Output operations, calculated per seconds (IOPS), and also can provide random read2 IOS, as per press release we received. When we talk about speed, it can read 550MB/sec and up to 520MB/s write speed. As the drive generates less noise, it can be used in any working conditions, such as useful for IT departments. The drive can be ready with simple plug and play.

The SanDisk Extreme SSD is made available in India in two storage capacities, of 120GB and 240GB, which are priced at Rs. 18,049 and Rs. 32,240. So soon, company will launch 480GB Extreme SSD for Price Rs. 72,449 (Oh! Just for SSD?). Apart from this, SanDisk has announced SanDisk X100 SSD also, which also good for desktop and notebook PCs, but price details are still a mystery.

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