Why Sony To Reshape the Future of Television With CLED Technology

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First there was plasma, then there was LCD and now finally we arrive at LED technology. Of course, now that everyone’s busy upgrading to LED for blacker blacks and faster refresh rates, it’s about time the technology giants of the world brought out the next big thing in home entertainment. Well, get ready, because the king of all things technology, Sony, have well and truly launched themselves back into the home-entertainment market with the announcement of a brand-new type of TV screen, designed to dazzle and amaze while leaving other manufacturers in the shade.

Sony CLED Technology Why Sony To Reshape the Future of Television With CLED Technology

Is OLED Already Old?

For a while now, the internet providers data streams have been buzzing with anticipation of the new breed of organic LED screens (OLED) that have been promised to us by the likes of Samsung and LG. OLED promises to eliminate the need for any backlight at all, giving us the possibility of flatter than ever, thinner than ever, borderless screens on which to enjoy our favourite movie or game. In fact, OLED is so near to becoming reality, it is already in some of the top-end smart-phone handsets and is just waiting to be launched in a bigger screen format later in 2012.

For many people at the Consumer Electrics Show (CES) in Las Vegas recently, seeing the prototype 55-inch OLED screens from LG and Samsung was intended to be the highlight of the show. That was until they passed the Sony stand. Sony seems to have opted out of the race to develop OLED technology, leaving it to the other TV big boys to fight it out amongst themselves. But far from quitting on home entertainment, Sony was harbouring a brand-new idea all of their own, which was unveiled to all at CES in the corner of the Sony stand in an zone tantalisingly signposted ‘future technology’.

Making the Future Crystal Clear?

What Sony had for us here is something called Crystal LED (CLED) technology and at CES there stood the world’s very first 55-inch CLED TV, which seemed to put OLED in the shade and to make a decade of research ‘old hat’ in one fell swoop. CLED is Sony’s big bet for the future of TV screens because it does everything an OLED TV can do, plus two extra things. And those two extra things really are quite major things.

Firstly, because CLED uses inorganic material, it is not prone to the colour fading problems that can be a major issue in OLED technology after a couple of years. Secondly, the system is self-emitting and contains around 6 million RGB light sources all positioned at the front of the screen. This indicates that viewers can look forward to a wider viewing angle, better motion reproduction and a more expansive colour range.

Can Sony Really Predict the Future?

The prototype on display at CES certainly seemed to deliver on these promises. With internet providers boosting speeds all over the UK to allow HD streaming, this could be the one to watch when it hits the shops. Having said that, with OLED ready for market later this year, you have to wonder whether the benefits of CLED technology will be enough to keep people waiting for the product. And will it be different enough to encourage people to upgrade when it does come to market? As with all good things in life, we will just have to wait and see.

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