Genius SlimStar 110 Water Resistant Keyboard Released in India

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Genius is continuously on the way to enhance its brand image in India, among top hardware peripherals venders. The Japanese company, Genius released their SlimStar 110 Water Resistant Keyboard in India. This product is being delivered through Inspan Infotech, the exclusive distributor of Genius, and other computer components of various brands.

Genius SlimStar 110 Water Resistant Keyboard Genius SlimStar 110 Water Resistant Keyboard Released in India

The Genius SlimStar 110 resembles the looks of most of Logitech keyboards, with stylish rounded edges, and glossy black coating. The most hightlighted feature of this keyboard is that it is fully Water Resistant. So, you won’t need to worry about, if something like Tea, Coffee, or Ice Cream fells into your keyboard buttons. It will not affect your keyboard, and will not damage anything like circuit inside. You have to just clean the area, and start working again normally.

The Genius SlimStar 110 Water Resistant Keyboard is finished in black, and boasts Windows Vista Button (But why not Windows 7 Logo! Genius? Why outdated Windows Vista Logo? Still!). Perhaps, is it one of most cheapest Water-Proof keyboards available in Indian market. As far as typing keys quality is concerned, the Genius says the keyboard boasts silent keycap structure, which intends to give typing comfort just like user experiences on a notebook keyboard, with low noise as well. Apart from the water-resistant, the keyboard is ink-resistant as well. Got confused? Means if you usually don’t put the ink near to your keyboard, now you can. Because keyboard stays safe against spills.

Genius SlimStar 110 is built slim, with dimensions of 445x168x23 mm(LxWxH); and with just 519.98 g weight it is lightweight too. You can now work without disturbing someone near you, because this keyboard is designed to provide noise-free working experience. If claim is true by Genius, we would consider testing it in TechClap Labs soon. As of now, Genius SlimStar 110 Water Resistant Keyboard is up for retail, at Price Rs. 495 in India. The operating system which supports, drivers includes Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP x64, and Windows 2000.

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  1. Its look like logitech keyboard