Skullcandy FIX, Heavy Medal, Uprock, Aviator Headphones

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To listen music, no matter on your phone, iPod or other music players, headphones are essential. The users want them comfortable to ears as well as stylish too. Skullcandy is a company working and making headphones for consumers with this motive.

Indian distributor of Skullcandy, MB Accessories has launched range of Skullcandy Over ear and In Ear headphones in the country. This range has four models including FIX, Heavy Medal, Uprock, and Aviator. These are in-ear and over ear headphones respectively. These all the headphones look stylish and you can gift them to your dear ones as well. Also, you can purchase them for yourself, no matter which one you prefer, over ear or in ear, both the ranges are unveiled. Skull candy is one of popular developers of designer audio products, as well as audio backpacks, earbuds, MP3 Players and other lifestyle products.

“Skullcandy has become a style statement and that’s the reason why Skullcandy continues to develop new innovative design catering to the taste and needs of various audiences,” said Amlan Bhattacharjya, CEO and Founder of MB Accessories. “The new range that has been introduced is not only trendy and lifestyle oriented, but also promises to deliver outstanding listening experience,” he added.

Skullcandy FIX & Heavy Medal Earphones

Skullcandy FIX: Fix is technology, which has enhanced the usage compatibility. The Fix can rest easily, no matter what positions you make them in your ear, but they are claimed to provide you noise isolation, clear and full-spectrum quality sound. This ensures that they will stay on your ears, unlike impossible with most earbuds. The Skullcandy FIX comes at price Rs. 3,899 in India.

skullcandy fix heavy medal Skullcandy FIX, Heavy Medal, Uprock, Aviator Headphones

Skullcandy Heavy Medal: This one also one of hi-end in-ear headphones. It is having lighweight and stylish design crafted with metal, along with mic attached. It is having 13.5mm drivers, along with inbuilt mic, which can be optimally used with smartphones. The Skullcandy Heavy Medal has price Rs. 5,399.

Skullcandy Uprock and Aviator Headphones

Skullcandy Uprock: As name suggests, it is designed for some funky usage by younger users. With 40mm drivers, flat cables built with good material ensures that you can use it freely, as it eliminates the usual complaint of drops, opposing jerks etc. It also have soft and ergonomic finish and design. The Uprock having plush ear pillows to give comfort to ears of users. The Skullcandy Uprock available at price Rs. 1,599 in range of colors.

skullcandy uprock aviator Skullcandy FIX, Heavy Medal, Uprock, Aviator HeadphonesSkullcandy Aviator: Designed by Singer Jay-Z, Aviator is called most stylish headphone model by Skullcandy. The classic Aviator sunglasses  inspired design looks very attractive. Skullcandy Aviator produces sound through an enhanced audio driver, and available for Price Rs. 9,990 in India. It comes in Black, Whitea dn Gold Brown colors. The headphones are overpriced, high-end, but cost is nothing if you have passion of music and style together.

All of the above mentioned headphones including Skullcandy FIX, Heavy Medal, Aviator, Uprock are available at all the retail outlets including Landmark, Planet M, Music World, Music Land, Imagine (Apple) Stores and others.

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