PNY HP v270w multi-colored Flash Drive is Egg Shaped!

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We have seen several unique shaped flash drives as of now, such as Lego Man, Mimoco Batman x MIMOBOT, AMP FLIP pivot, and AMP 22-Caliber Bullet Shaped USB Flash drive. The idea exists behind these real life objects alike flash drives is only to attract the bigger consumer’s segment. Silicon Power LuxiMini 720 is also one step in that way.

PNY HP v270w flash drive PNY HP v270w multi colored Flash Drive is Egg Shaped!PNY, who launched PNY M1 Attache flash drive recently, has now brought up the PNY HP v270w Flash drive, which is made in the shape of a ‘Egg’. (Hey! Its not real egg to eat, but it’s egg-shaped flash drive). The company says that its fastest and convenient data transfer, with full portability. The HP v270w is made from multi-colored, rubber material to manufacture, this rubber material protects the flash rive from accidental drop, and data loss as result due to shocks as well. For providing the better grip by the hands over the Egg Shaped  PNY HP v270W, and also easy and better disconnection. To make it attractive to eyes, it is crafted with shiny bright white and yellow colors combination, which is there to make a radiant impression.

The PNY HP v270w flash drive doesn’t seems to provide any of unique features, despite it’s design. There is HP logo strap is attached at the end of the drive, which also performs the way to connect the cap. Hence, this eliminate the chances to misplace or loss the cover.It has weight of just 10.65 grams and having dimensions of L40.9mmxW22.8mmxH16.8mm. It is fully compatible with all the major operating systems like Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS 10.3. It will be available in 2GB, 4GB, 16GB and 32GB storage capacities, and carries up to 2 years of manufacturer warranty. Well, there is not word out from company regarding availability and price of PNY HP v270w Flash drive. In first phase, is expected to be available in Japan, followed by other countries.

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