Mercury ViewCam Series: VIZION, AQUA and GLAZE Launched

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We are not getting so much webcam launches, since we have some awesome webcams like Logitech HD Webcams on the shores. Obviously, time has turned and webcams got more and more impressive, in terms of picture quality and what they offer. Though, this segment is no more so much attractive for manufacturers, just because since lightweight PCs aka Notebooks and Netbooks started integrated with Webcams, and now Tablets as well. Still, Desktop users need a webcam and that’s too at good quality, that is what consumers require nowadays. Thinking and working on consumer’s intentions, Kobian comes with their Mercury ViewCam Series of Webcams.

The Mercury ViewCam Series expanded in India, with three models, which includes Mercury ViewCam Series- VIZION, AQUA and GLAZE (See the picture above and see how they looks). The Singapore based, Kobian’s Mercury Webcams has a existing ‘ViewCam’ series, which is now extended with three new models as per i mentioned before. The new ViewCams come with ranging from 10MP to 25MP in between Rs. 400 to Rs. 2100.

Mercury ViewCam VIZION AQUA GLAZE Mercury ViewCam Series: VIZION, AQUA and GLAZE Launched

Features, Specifications of Mercury ViewCam Series- VIZION, AQUA and GLAZE

  • The ViewCams are based on CMOS technology.
  • Equipped with Real Optics for full clear picture delivery, and Autofocus to capture the scene more efficiently, so that your other end contact can see you with more detail, with ignoring your around objects.
  • Face tracking software can zoom in and track the movements for superior quality output.
  • 5 layered glass lenses, adjustable infrared controller to control everything effectively.
  • Claimed to display full motion and smooth 30fps digital video streams.
  • Powered by USB 2.0 technology for data transfer of up to 480Mbpz.
  • Built-in microphone and 3D audio technology, useful for live video chat with your dear ones.
  • Digital Zoom, Snap Shot button, Pan Tilt function, easy 360 degree rotation and manual lens settings further enhances the overall experience to the user with these webcams.
  • Multi-attach base with rubber grip make sure that webcam can be fit easily on any surface including notebook displays, TFT/LED/LCD and CRT monitors and LCD flat panel displays.

Talking about the launch of Mercury ViewCam Series webcams, Ms Sushmita Das, Country Manager-India, Kobian Pte Ltd. stated, “The basic idea behind improving and launching this exciting new range of webcam in India is ‘Connectivity should be easy’ . This product is designed to shorten the distance between people with live video chat with friends and family via MSN, Skype and Yahoo. The product is a step ahead from its predecessors, we had launched the bright tangerine colored ViewCam, Tango, 2 years ago which was appreciated by the consumers. This time we are launching AQUA in an ocean blue color. It is our effort to enrich the simplest of experiences.”

Though, nothing could be recommended to you until we get our hands on these webcams in our test labs, but features looking good to consider them. The company has not mentioned price details of Mercury ViewCam Series VIZION, AQUA and GLAZE in India, but they’re between range of Rs. 400 to Rs. 2100. But we’ll let you know soon once we get the details. Stay Tuned.

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