Genius Ring Presenter – First Ring Style Thumb Controller

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Leading computer peripherals Japanese Brand, Genius has expanded its product range, with the launch of Genius Ring Presenter in India. The Ring Presenter is world’s first ring style thumb controller, which is suitable for every user criteria, including travel, business and education.

Genius Ring Presenter Genius Ring Presenter – First Ring Style Thumb Controller

Genius Ring Presenter features US Patent Design touch control air presenter technology. It has a lightweight design, easy to handle and use. It is a human ring style air presenter, that is equipped with mouse functions like a standard mouse. The touch control air presenter technology enables full access and control over power point slides or presentations. The Ring Presenter also incorporates in-air mouse functions, that can be used as cursor movement.

The Genius Ring Presenter is a handy tool to browse Internet, access and edit documents in all locations. Users can use Ring Presenter anywhere as needed, including Bus, Plain, Train or during School or College lectures. It is powered by slimmest designed Li-ion rechargeable battery, which is Eco-friendly or environment protector. Apart from the battery, the Genius Ring Presenter features 2.4GHz technology for smoother, intelligent and reliable working performance. The 2.4GHz technology lets presenter to work from up to 10 meters distance.

Genius Ring Presenter is equipped with hardware control mode switch for presenter and in-air mouse. It also features Laser Pointer function, eliminating the need of a separate laser pointer. It is built with rubber ring for comfortable experience, and for easy finger grip for longer time usage. It also features On-Screen display to monitor processing actions. The ring style presenter from Genius would be available in Blue, Gold, Pink, Purple and Green color variants.

The Genius Ring Presenter is now available for suggested retail price of Rs. 3500 in India. Distributed by Inspan Infotech, through its network in country. It is backed by a 3 year limited warranty.

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