Zebronics Zeb-SW4100RUC 2.1 Multimedia Speakers are Trendy!

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Speakers are not just prioritized in terms of powerful sound quality, but style and design is also important for a user. Working on the same trend, Top Notch Infotronix has announced the launch of Zebronics Zeb-SW4100RUC 2.1 Multimedia Speaker in the Indian market. Top Notch Infotronix is owner of Zebronics, a leading computer, consumer electronics and communication brand.

The Zebronics Zeb-SW4100RUC Speaker is also dubbed as ‘Sound Monster’, it is addition to existing range of Zebronics Speakers such as Zebronics Zeb-SW3200RUCF and Zeb-SW3400RUCF. All of the Subwoofer, and satellite speakers are designed with same theme and design, suitable for gaming enthusiasts as well. The subwoofer is a 5-inch made from wooden from superb bass, and the 4-inch satellites are magnetically shielded.

Zebronics ZEB SW4100RUCF Zebronics Zeb SW4100RUC 2.1 Multimedia Speakers are Trendy!On the subwoofer of the Zebronics Zeb-SW4100RUC, the front-mounted volume and bass level controls are located. Along with, a 3.5mm audio input jack compatible with MP3 Players, Cell Phones and other devices. The speaker set crafted with black-satin finish to represent a unique, vibrant and contemporary styling. The 2.1 multimedia speaker system also packs fully functional remote control for comfortable operation. With bass and volume controls, users can customize the sound output as per desire.

Like other previous models, the Zeb-SW4100RUC also features SD and USB input support, that allows playback of music from memory cards and USB flash drives respectively. The speakers system features 40 Watt Output, with 40Hz-20KHz Frequency Response. The remote control, easy connectors for input makes Zebronics Zeb-SW4100RUC a complete speaker system. The design is trendy, and bass-relflex wooden enclosure is also awesome for a powerful and quality sound output. The satellites are rounded shaped, with the excellent exteriors. The remote control will also enhance listening experience of the users, as it allows users to quickly change the playing track or adjust volume.

The Zebronics Zeb-SW4100RUC 2.2 Multimedia Speakers are now available at suggested retail price of Rs. 1950 in India, backed by one year warranty.

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