Toyota Fun Vii Car – Smartphone on Wheels

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Japan Based leading automaker, Toyota Motor Corporation has unveiled its new innovation, ‘Toyota Fun Vii’ car. It is described as ‘Smartphone Car’ and it is the result of a nice concept.

Meet the Concept Car- Toyota Fun Vii

The Toyota Fun Vii is showcased at 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 recently. It is built with idea ‘Smartphone on Wheels’ in mind by Toyota Engineers. It allows you to change the exterior design, with the just downloading of an app. The drivers can display custom messages, flashy graphics through magical exterior display technology, according to a autoblog report. The awesomeness are not stop here, drivers can customize car’s interior as well, as per his mood with the themes. The network can update the driving software, Thanks to its update function which keeps software up to date.

toyota fun vii concept car Toyota Fun Vii Car – Smartphone on Wheels

Got confused with what I’ve mentioned above? Let me explain. Actually the truth is, the users/drivers of Toyota Fun Vii Car can’t change its exterior design, but they can use whole interior and exterior to display personalized designs. This would give car’s body a new look and feel according to the occasion. The users can change color of the body, and apply custom themes. Based on the preferences, the users can display message and other information as well. This will make all the vehicle a hub or terminal.

The concept car, Toyota Fun Vii can connect to other vehicles, who are roaming around. It can detect your friends or dear ones easily who are driving just near you. The car would be also useful in blind-spots; just you’ve to link up to your friends to find them. The car’s functions can be controlled with remote control, through the smartphone of a mobile phone. It is really a ‘Smartphone on wheels‘. The car is not just a car, according to Toyota CEO. He said the Toyota Fun Vii provides multimedia information and up-to-the-second driving information in real-time instantly.

Sound’s interesting to you? The Toyota Fun Vii will be showcased from Dec. 3 to December 11 at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan Automobile Industry’s annual event.

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