ASUS Launches 9 Series Motherboards for 32nm AMD FX Series AM3+ CPUs in India

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Was you waiting for support arrival of motherboards for AMD’s powerful ever processors series? Today ASUS India has launched updated ASUS 9-Series Motherboards to support 32nm AMD FX Series CPUs, which are integrated with up to eight cores on single chip architecture. These eight-core CPUs have already recorded a milestone in the IT History in the world of performance and number of cores on a single chip. With launching the 9 Series, ASUS have become the first manufacturer to introduce AM3+ Socket motherboards.

ASUS have engineered the 9 Series Motherboards with several technologies including NVIDIA Quad-GPU SLI technology to enable more choice who want to build a multi-GPU system and Dual Intelligent Processors 2 (DIP2) power management feature. Apart from this, ASUS 9 Series Motherboards also include DIGI+ VRM, UEFI BIOS and exclusive USB 3.0 Boost technology. ASUS claimed that USB 3.0  Boost Technology is the first most complete UAS Protocol Support that instantly boos the USB drive speed by up to 170%. The BIOS is also specifically optimized for AM3+ CPUs to deliver ultimate performance, according to the company.

Asus Crosshair v formula sabertooth 990fx ASUS Launches 9 Series Motherboards for 32nm AMD FX Series AM3+ CPUs in India

Meet the ASUS 9 Series Motherboards

ASUS M5A99/97 Series Motherboards with DIP2: As mentioned above, They are designed for AMD AMD3+ Socket CPUs. The DIGI+VRM technology onboard matches digital power signal (SVID) requests from CPU, and eliminate the digital-to-analog conversion lag which optimizes the system performance and stability in addition to power efficiency. For control over system performance, the DRAM power control is integrated with CPU/NB load calibration for enhanced coltage range and increased CPU current capability for 30% current capacitance. The overall combination of AM3+ CPUs along with ASUS DIGI+VRM is claimed to get most of AMD AM3+ processors with dramatically enhanced performance.

ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula Motherboard with ThunderBolt: The fastest tested performance of 8.429GHz was achieved by AMD FX Series Processor running on the Republic of Gamers Crosshair V Formula motherboard. ASUS is providing two versions of this motherboard as a bundled version with ROG Thunderbold and standalone. Both of the versions are offered with 3-Way SLI native support. The ROG ThunderBolt is combo Lan/Audio card that reduces the processing power of AM3+ Socket processors and automatically dedicates their power to games for hardcore gaming experience. The Bigfoot Networks LAN chip optimizes and gives assigns priority to network traffic for games. Apart from this, the ThunderBolt technology also delivers XONAR audio with 116dB audio fidelity. The amplifier to boost powerful gaming audio has also integrated. The standalone version of ROG Crosshair V Formula Motherboard delivers crystal clear audio and GameFirst technology for network traffic priority for games.

ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX with aerospace-grade CeraM!X cooling technology: As you know, ASUS SABERTOOTH X58 was one of the winner of ‘’s Top Motherboards of 2011 Awards’. The ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX also related to same series ‘SABERTOOTH’. This latest AMD AM3+ Socket motherboard is equipped with Ceram!X Heatsink Coating Tech thermal design with 50% larger area dedicated for heat dissipation, which has replaced anti-oxidant design to keep the PC running cool. The Thermal Radar is also integrated which monitors the temperatures of motherboard components and adjust the fan speed automatically.

Here are the pricing details of ASUS 9 Series Motherboards for AMD FX Series AM3+ Socket Processors:

  • M5A97: Price Rs. 5,950
  • M5A97 PRO: Price 7,100
  • M5A97 EVO: Price Rs. 7,400
  • M5A99X EVO: Price Rs 11,200
  • CROSSHAIR V FORMULA: Price 15,900
  • SABERTOOTH 990FX: Price Rs. 13,500

We expect that other manufacturers like Gigabyte, ASRock will also launch AMD FX Series compatible motherboards soon. The latest ASUS 9 Series Motherboards are now available in India starting immediately.

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