Transcend MP300 Compact Digital Music Player Launched in India

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Nowadays many consumers use their mobile phone or smartphones as device to listen music. But some still want a music aka media player. To fulfill the demand and need of those consumers, Transcend India has announced the launch of Transcend MP300 Compact Digital Music Player in the market. Though, company has already some media players like Transcend MP330 available in the market currently.

Transcend MP300 Transcend MP300 Compact Digital Music Player Launched in India

According to the company, the Transcend MP300 intends to deliver long battery backup in addition to its portability. The player also boasts stylish looks and controls, and especially designed for music lovers. The new media player comes with lithium polymer battery that delivers up to 15 hours of music playback (continuous) on a single charge, which is good enough compared to other media players available in similar price tag. The player also will not disappoint you with its functionality, as it supports all major high quality audio formats including MP3, WAV and WMA. In addition, the player can also store documents and pictures as well in its storage memory.

The Transcend MP300 has lightweight and compact size, which makes it truly portable. It weighs just 15g and can attract many consumers towards itself with its circular pattern and slender design. It can be carried in a pocket or purse and users can even wear it around the neck (with the help of provided lanyard). As this player is lightweight, its presence will be hardly be notable during exercise or while working. The MP300 is easy to operate with skip through tracks in continuous mode or play all songs randomly with the slide switch (situated on side panel). The player doesn’t include any display screen, though its easy and intuitive controls eliminate the need of a display screen. Even dual-color LED indicator indicates the actions including file transfer status and battery life as well. Like most of the players, this player also works plug and play with its high-speed USB 2.0 port.

Transcend MP300 Digital Music Player is available in two models, price details are also mentioned below:
4GB: Price Rs. 2,100
8GB: Price Rs. 2,577

The MP300 is backed by Transcend two-year limited warranty and available across stores starting immediately in India.

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