Zebronics BLUE MO Zeb-BM1000 Wireless Mouse Released

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There are lot mouse available in the market nowadays, but everyone can’t attract every consumer. For style conscious people, Top Notch Infotronix has today announced the launch of Zebronics BLUE MO Zeb-BM1000 Wireless Mouse for Indian consumers.

It’s crafted with sculpted design and soft grip to deliver comfortable browsing and navigation experience. The company stated that their new mouse aims to allow users to work longer for hours, Thanks to its hand-friendly shape and textured smooth grips. Further, it boasts 1600Dpi sensor that delivers smooth and optimized web browsing and gaming experience. Even, That’s also ideal to browse Google Searches and other browsing tools with full comfort to the hands. The BLUE MO also features smart sleep mode that turn-off the mouse automatically when not in use. Whereas, the 3.0 Optical Technology provides smart enough laser-grade precision for quicker movement of the cursor on the most common surfaces.

zebronics bm1000 w Zebronics BLUE MO Zeb BM1000 Wireless Mouse Released

“The Zebronics Wireless Mouse features an innovative wheel that packs more grooves per millimeter, giving you a smoother navigation experience. It makes scrolling through long Web pages faster and easier. Plus on most computer systems, it lets you move backward and forward on the Web just like with a swipe. It features faster scrolling, wheel navigation and laser grade precision so you can surf the Web with ease,” said Rajesh Doshi, Country Manager Top Notch Infotronix (I) Pvt. Ltd. “Blue Mo offers a perfect mix of precision, performance and comfort – letting customers freely interact with the digital world, a place where we spend an ever-increasing amount of time.”

Zebronics also claimed that BLUE MO Mouse works without interference from other wireless devices, which is a common problem with most wireless mouse models. The 1600Dpi optical sensor technology featured in Zebronics BLUE MO Zeb-BM1000 Wireless Mouse ensures that the mouse can do accurate cursor movement on the screen from up to 10  meter of distance. It also features Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity and it can even work without wireless receiver via Bluetooth. This will preserve USB port for other devices you wish to connect. The company stated that BLUE MO Mouse can work perfectly with or without Mouse Pad. The mouse is powered by 2 x AAA batteries and equipped with three buttons and a scroll wheel, that also makes it ideal for gamers.

If you wish to purchase it, you can get Zebronics Wireless Mouse BLUE MO Zeb-BM1000 for Price Rs. 740 across India.

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