Zebronics Zeb-NC4000 Premium Laptop Cooling Pad Launched

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Top Notch Infotronix, under the brand ‘ZEBRONICS’ has today announced the launch of Zebronics Zeb-NC4000 Premium Laptop Cooling Pad.

The latest Laptop Cooling Pad from Zebronics can be adjusted effortlessly for notebook computers. The company claimed that this new product enables users to user their laptops anywhere including in bedroom or office. Unlike other Cooling Pads, the Zeb-NC4000 doesn’t restrict users to use their laptops on table or desk only. It is compact and sleek in size and can be easily fit into the bags. This will ensure that the users will feel comfortable experience whenever they’ve to go somewhere. “Laptops can get hot, especially after prolonged use and on less-than-ideal surfaces, causing major damage to the machine,” said Rajesh Doshi, country manager, Zebronics -India.

Zebronics zeb nc4000 Zebronics Zeb NC4000 Premium Laptop Cooling Pad Launched

The Zebronics Zeb-NC4000 features flip-up valve design along with five angles adjustment with ergonomic typing angle. It boasts 16.69 CFM red fan for enhanced airflow to reduce temperature. It ensures that components of notebook should run smoothly at optimal temperatures. It is reportedly, only thermal cooler which supports 11-inch to 17-inch notebooks or laptops. The Cooling Pad features 5 different ergonomic angles with adjustable stand that enables users to to view the screen from best possible viewing angles. The best part is that the Zeb-NC400 is compatible with all the major Laptops of all the leading brands.

The Zebronics Zeb-NC4000 Premium Laptop Cooling Pad integrated with 2 Fans, that extends the overall life and functionality of laptop. The front panel of Cooling Pad is made from durable quality aluminium and plastic material, which would help to decrease temperature. The Zeb-NC4000 has slim form factor and its specs ensures that increased temperatures can be controlled from Cooling Pad itself. The Zebronics Zeb-NC4000 Premium Laptop Cooling Pad is now available for suggested Retail Price Rs. 750 in India through various retailers.

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