ADATA S510 Solid State Drive (SSD) SATA III (6Gb/sec) Announced

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Leading manufacturer of memory products, ADATA Technology has announced the launch of new ADATA S510 Solid State Drive (SSD). This new SSD is the mid-range of version of ADATA’s flagship S511 model.

Adata H 510 120GB ADATA S510 Solid State Drive (SSD) SATA III (6Gb/sec) Announced
The ADATA S510 SSD boasts SATA III (6Gb/sec) specification and claimed to deliver ultimate performance. The S510 is targeted to those audience, who prefer to spend fewer bucks on their Solid State Drive but wants a good performance also. This SSD seems to ideal for all those PC and Laptop users. It is claimed to deliver superior performance with SSD advantage at an affordable price point.

The ADATA S510 Solid State Drive is powered by SandForce SF-2200 series chip along with SATA III transfer specification. These specs enables SSD to deliver up to 550 read speed and up to 510MB write speeds along with 4K random write speeds as high as 85,000 IOPS. This speed is almost double compared to SATA II drives. Nowadays computer market is getting increased demand of SSDs, due to their faster boot speeds and application performance. In addition, SSDs also generates low heat, because it doesn’t include any mechanical part inside.
The ADATA S510 SSD will be available soon in Indian market in 120GB storage capacities.

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