Zebronics ZEB-SW3200RUCF, SW3400RUCF Multimedia Speakers Launched

By September 5, 2011 | 2 Comments

Top Notch Infotronix has today expanded its Zebronics range of speakers with launch of 2.1 multimedia speaker, ZEB-SW3200RUCF and 4.1 speaker ZEB-SW3400RUCF in India.

The Zebronics ZEB-SW3200RUCF Speakers are targeted to music lovers, movie and gaming enthusiasts. The company claimed that this speaker set delivers thundering sound and superior performance. Packed in compact chassis, the ZEB-SW3200RUCF boasts elegant and looks that attracts users at first sight. As satellite and subwoofer are of compact size, they can be easily kept on the computer desk.

Zebronics SW3400RUCF SW3200RUCF Zebronics ZEB SW3200RUCF, SW3400RUCF Multimedia Speakers Launched

The ZEB-SW3200RUCF from Zebronics is equipped with USB 2.0 port and SD card slot that enables playback of music directly from the flash drives or SD memory cards without the requirement of any PC. Furthermore, the speakers also comes with inbuilt FM radio along with various preset sets to tune the favorite stations of the user. Whereas on the front panel like other speakers, the volume, bass and treble controls are present. In addition, the remote control also provided for user’s comfort. These speakers have rated output of 20W for subwoofer and 12W-12W for satellite speakers (each) with frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz.

Apart from 2.1 Speakers, the Zebronics ZEB-SW3400RUCF 4.1 speakers also launched. These speakers features 4.1 cinematic surround sound that is ideal for gamers etc. who require thundering sound and movie and music lovers also. Like 2.1 model, this 4.1 model also packed with features like FM radio with presets, USB, SD and MMC card reader functions allowing users to play music without PC. The subwoofer of ZEB-SW3400RUCF measures 50x282x225mm and the subwoofer measures 89x105x142mm. This speaker set is rated to deliver output of 20W+12Wx and this one also comes with volume, bass and treble control on the front panel and an additional full-function remote control.

The Zebronics ZEB-SW3200RUCF Speakers comes at Price Rs. 1650 and Zebronics ZEB-SW3400RUCF 4.1 speakers tagged at Price Rs. 2100.

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  1. Prabhjot says:

    Any reviews on sound quality?

    • @Prabhjot- We've not tested this model yet! But we're going to test it soon.
      But, recent models tested and sound quality is quite good :)
      Keep coming frequently to here to find latest Tech Products, Technology and Gadgets Updates :)