Fujitsu P23T-6 IPS and B22W-6 LED proGREEN Displays Launched in India

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Fujitsu India has announced the launch of Fujitsu B and P series Displays in the country. These new monitors features unique energy saving features including ECO operation mode and ECO standby.

The Fujitsu B Series Displays built with LED technology for superior visuals. These new models of displays is claimed to deliver superb picture performance, ultra-fast response time that makes it ideal for work perfectly in several working conditions. Both the P and B Series Displays comes with adjustable height stand which goes up to 120mmwith 340 degree swivel, and -5 to 35 degree tilt and rotation to portrait.

Fujitsu B P Series Displays Fujitsu P23T 6 IPS and B22W 6 LED proGREEN Displays Launched in India

Fujitsu P Line Displays – Superior Segment: The Fujitsu P-Series Monitors features wide screen along with IPS (In Plane Switching) panel technology. The company has combined the performance of these displays with ergonomic design along with 0-watt power saving mode. The monitors features light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment and AutoPivot to make to P Line unrivaled. P Line features 0.0 watt power consumption in standby mode with DVI and VGA and also provides direct access to power saving operation mode with ECO button, wheres DICOM compatible gamma adjust also featured.

The Fujitsu P23T-6 IPS display is priced at Rs. 19,900.

Fujitsu B Line Displays – Advanced Segment: As name suggests, this series is for advanced segments including office usage. The B Line monitors are ideal for tough and long working sessions as it comes with flexible height adjustable stand which can be adjusted according to the comfort of the user. Even, this series is also claimed as cost-effective with power-saving technologies. The monitors comes with improved tilt and swivel, widescreen port and 4x USB.

The Fujitsu B22W-6 LED proGREEN display is priced at Rs. 11,491. Both the P and B Series Fujitsu Displays are available in Black color in India.

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