Corsair Force 3 and Force GT – First 90GB SATA 6GB/s SSDs Launched

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Leading maker of PC Gaming Hardware and Storage Products, Corsair has announced the retail launch of its Corsair Force 3 and Force GT SSDs in India and Worldwide.

Corsair Force 3 Force GT SSDs Corsair Force 3 and Force GT   First 90GB SATA 6GB/s SSDs Launched

These Corsair Solid State Drives are launched in 90GB storage capacities. The Corsair Force Series SSD supports SATA 6GB/sec with maximum up to 550MB/sec read speed and up to 500MB/sec write speeds. It boasts asynchronous flash memory for enhanced performance. On the other hand, the Corsair Force Series GT is targeted to those enthusiasts who needs hi-end performance from their SSD. The Force Series GT is rated to deliver read speeds of up to 55MB/sec and write speeds of up to 505MB/sec, Thanks to ONFI synchronous flash memory that makes this HDD to deliver superior performance and speeds while transferring  multimedia files including music files and videos.

“We’re happy to add the world’s first 90GB SSD to our product lineup,” said Thi La, Vice President of Memory Products at Corsair. “With 50% more storage capacity than our 60GB models and at pricing significantly lower than our 120GB models, they help make the Force Series 3 and Force Series GT among the most robust and flexible SSD lines on the market.”

The Force Series 3 and Force Series GT, both the SSD models are backward compatible with traditional SATA 2, so that users can use them on their old PCs also. These SSDs comes with a 3.5-inch adapter which can be used in any notebook and desktop PCs.

The Corsair Force Series 3 90GB SSD comes at Price Rs. 7,999 and will be available from Corsair authorized distributors and resellers across India. If you’re from USA, UK or other country, then you can ask your nearest retailers for this HDD, it is available worldwide.

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