ADATA SH14 External Hard Drive is Packed in Silicon Super-Touch Exterior!

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Leading maker of memory and storage peripherals, ADATA Technology has announced the launch of ADATA SH14 External Hard Drive.

ADATA SH14 hard drive ADATA SH14 External Hard Drive is Packed in Silicon Super Touch Exterior!
The company is touting the super-tough exterior of this hard drive which is constructed of a unique silicon material that is giving a smooth texture to the overall build of SH14. The hard drive is fully military grade shockproof aka shock-resistant, which is combined with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface and runs at 5,400 RPM. According to the company, the hard drive is targeted to the today’s on-the-go crowd who demands a shockproof performance from a stylish hard drive.

The ADATA SH14 hard drive is water-resistant and packed in a silicone shell, hence it is claimed to keep the user’s data safe from accidental drops or spills, which makes it durable hard drive and makes users worry free of losing the data as this happens with many traditional HDDs. The elegant and stylish 2.5-inch SH14 HDD delivers data transfer rate of up to 90MB/sec, which is up to three times faster compared to traditional USB 2.0 HDDs, whereas ADATA claimed that data files backup speed has been also enhanced to up to 70%.

The SH14 External hard drive from ADATA will be available in 500GB, 750GB and 1TB storage capacities. The company is providing free 60 days trial download of Norton Internet Security 2011, and HDDtoGo utility backup software free of charge to the purchasers of this hard drive. The ADATA SH14 is now available at suggested retail price of Rs. 3735 ($83) for 500GB, Rs. 4590 ($102) for 750GB, and Rs. 5940 ($132) for 1TB. The hard comes in two color choices of Passion Red and Jet Black and backed by a limited three-year warranty. You can buy the HDD from various computer retailers across India and U.S.

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