Kingmax PD-03 USB 2.0 Flash Drive is Simple Yet Trendy!

By August 16, 2011 | 0 Comments

Leading renowned memory products maker, KINGMAX has recently launched their new flash drive, the Kingmax PD-03 in the market.

Kingmax PD03 Flash Drive Kingmax PD 03 USB 2.0 Flash Drive is Simple Yet Trendy! The Kingmax PD-03 USB 2.0 flash drive has a compact size and packed in black exterior that is combined with three colors that represents the storage capacities of respective flash drives. Such as, the 2GB and 16GB drives comes in Green+Black combination, the 4GB and 32GB flash drive combines Red+Black color, whereas the 16GB drive comes in Blue+Black color combinations. The flash drives cap keeps attached to the end, so that users can stay worry free of losing the cap. This trendy flash drive has just 9grams weight that makes it ideal for portability.

The Kingmax PD-03’s matte black base color with fine texture finish reduces the fingerprints. The company says this flash drive is ideal for students and professionals who want a simple and elegant designed flash drive. It has 60mm(L) x 17mm(W) x 8mm(H) and weight of 9grams. It is Microsoft Windows 7 Certified and also compatible with other major operating systems. But, we’re missing the USB 3.0 interface in this drive. Furthermore, the company has not revealed the price details, But it is backed by 5 years warranty.

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