Mach Xtreme Launches Urban DDR3 DRAM Chips Based Memory Kit

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One of leading makers of PC components, Mach Xtreme has recently announced the latest Mach Xtreme Urban DDR3 Memory Kits that are based on the latest DRAM chips and claimed to provide reliability and superior performance.

mach xtreme urban ddr3 dual channel ram Mach Xtreme Launches Urban DDR3 DRAM Chips Based Memory Kit

The latest DDR3 Memory Kit from Mach Xtreme includes 4GB per module (4GBx2=8GB) for cutting edge gaming and system performance, according to the company. These RAM kits are designed to deliver smooth performance while user has opened multiple applications and graphics performance and they boasts lightweight heasink that is made from Japanese aluminum. The Dual-Channel DDR3 1.5v RAM kit from Mach Xtreme runs at 1333Mhz and tested for reliable performance. The RAM Kit would be available in two models including MXD3U13338GK and MXD3U13334GS; both are running at 1333MHz frequency.

The Mach Xtreme Urban DDR3 Memory Kits are backed by lifetime warranty and good choice if you’re thinking to upgrade your PC memory for your daily hi-end needs. If we talk about other DDR3 RAM kits, they’re also coming with almost same specs, all are being designed for gaming and hi-end graphics needs of consumers. Also if you wish to run 64-bit version of Windows 7, then atleast 8GB RAM is recommended by ‘Team’ if you wish to enjoy the operating system at fullest level. Perhaps, the Price and availability details of Mach Xtreme Urban DDR3 Memory Kit are not mentioned yet.

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