Genius G-Pen F610 Ultra-Slim Graphic Tablet Upgraded

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The leading maker of computer peripherals and digital products Genius has announced that they’ve upgraded the Genius G-Pen F610 Graphic Tablet with latest specs. The new upgraded version of G-Pen F610 consists of latest software & other package for Windows 7 operating system.

genius g pen f610 Genius G Pen F610 Ultra Slim Graphic Tablet Upgraded

The Genius G-Pen F610 Graphic Tablet has a ultra-slim form factor and a sleek design for comfortable user experience. It has dimensions of 6-“ x 10” and claimed to work conveniently with Mac or PCs. The tablet features aesthetic tool for taking notes, handling emails, handwriting recognition, and graphics design. This Genius Tablet works with 29 programmable “Hot’Key” areas for shortcuts for word processing, Internet as well as other operating system related tasks. The tablet works with any screen size including flat and wide screens that makes it perfect for users. The pen package included with G-Pen F610 has a two buttons and 1024-level pressure sensitivity, whereas two pen buttons can be programmed easily to work as left-and right-click mouse buttons.

Genius Upgraded G-Pen F610 Ultra Slim Graphic Tablet works for up to one year on pen battery that makes users worry free of power shortage. The tablet comes with a holder to protect the device and its tip. The tablet is fully compatible with IBM PC/Pentium 233 (minimum), Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows 7. The upgraded version of Genius G-Pen F610 Tablet Priced at $99.90 (Approx Rs.4450) and now available in USA and Canada.

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