SteelSeries 7xb Wireless Headset for Xbox 360 Available for Purchase

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SteelSeries has announced the launch of new SteelSeries 7xb headset, which boasts advanced wireless technologies and soft leather ear cups for comfortable experience and to eliminate the extra noise.

SteelSeries 7xb Wireless Headset SteelSeries 7xb Wireless Headset for Xbox 360 Available for Purchase The SteelSeries 7xb Wireless headset is designed for Xbox 360 console and employs a retractable microphone system, four-piece breakdown and 50mm driver units. The headset is designed to operate from up to 32 feet distance from its transmitter, and having automatic shutdown feature to save energy, whereas the LED indicator also integrated to notify the user when headset is connected. The headset operates with AAA batteries that is claimed to operate the headset for up to 20 hours. The transmitter of 7xb headset connects directly to the Xbox 360 console, and also equipped with USB, 3.5mm and RCA connections.

Moreover, The SteelSeries 7xb Wireless headset features various sound functions including LiveMix and ExactSND. The LiveMix button is integrated on left earcup, with this button the headset improves the balance of mixing of Xbox LIVE chat for perfect mixing. Whereas, the ExactSND also works with a button, and it allows users to switch between .EQ (Equalizer) settings such as footsteps and gunfire, immersion for optimized environmental sound and game optimized music, and entertainment for enhanced bass levels that is optimized for TV and movies.

SteelSeries Spectrum 7xb is now available att suggested retail price of $179.99 (€$179.99 / Rs. 8100). There is no information available at the moment about India, U.S. and country specific availability.

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