Olympus SP-810UZ Digital Compact Camera with 36X Ultra Wide Zoom

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Olympus has announced its new innovation with launching the World’s largest Zoom Camera, the Olympus SP-810UZ which sports 36X Ultra Wide Zoom making long distance things just near to users.

olympus sp810uz camera Olympus SP 810UZ Digital Compact Camera with 36X Ultra Wide Zoom
The Olympus SP-810UZ Digital Compact Camera is ideal for travelers who looking for a fantastic camera with long and high zoom, which helps them to capture beautiful macro images of flowers from hundreds of feet away without changing the lenses. The new camera from Olympus featuring 3.0-inch LCD and new Magic filter which maximize the overall performance of the camera. It features a wide 1:2.9-5.7 24-864mm zoom lens with 36x optical zoom. This S-Series camera features AF Tracking technology which can lock focus on fast-moving subjects such as birds and soccer filed or while on riverboat. The lens is claimed to fast along with Dual Image Stabilization, ISO sensitivity, Shadow Adjustment Technology and TruePic III+ image processing technology enhances the photos and make them sharp with eliminating the blur as well as in HD videos. The camera features HDMI control, which allows users to control playback functions and navigate the camera from the remote control of the HDTV.

Olympus SP-810UZ camera comes with Ten Magic Filters which can be applied to images of videos. One of them is New Miniature Filter which narrows the depth of focus and enhances the color and contrast of the photo. Whereas new Reflection Filter can add a reflection to the subject. The SP-810UZ camera from Olympus can combine two photos of the same subject from different angles to generate dynamic 3D images which can be later viewed on a 3D-compatible monitor or television, to utilize this features users have to activate 3D-mode. The In-Camera Panorama helps users to capture a super-wide angle photo by panning the camera across the scene which combines three shots into one.

The camera is easy to operate and features Intelligent Auto Mode which can optimize camera settings such as focus and lighting for up to five most common photo scenarios. Whereas, the Pet Detection mode automatically capture person’s face when he looks at the camera (Sounds Cool for Enjoyment! Doesn’t it?). The SP-810UZ is compatible with an optional Eye-Fi SD card; allowing users to upload images to computer as well as you can share photos to your friends or family via Facebook and other sites with the help of Wi-Fi capability.

The Olympus SP-810UZ will be available by September 2011 at suggested retail price of $329.99 (Approx Rs. 14800) in United States (U.S.). No details mentioned about India and other countries launch.

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