G’FIVE Movie King E680, E650, E620 and G20 Gaming Phones Launched

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Leading Mobile Phone brand in India, G’FIVE has announced today its new series of mobile phone phones, which includes Movie King E680, 650, 620 and one Gaming Phone G20 which are claimed to leashed with new compression technology breakthrough and gaming wonders respectively.

G Five Moivie King Mobiles Launch Event GFIVE Movie King E680, E650, E620 and G20 Gaming Phones Launched
The phones were announced on 22-July but pricing details have been just announced by the company today. G’FIVE Movie King Series Phones comes with 20 full-length blockbuster movies, 20 ringtones and 5 FTV videos pre-loaded along with 4GB memory card in the sales package. The company has loaded these mobiles according to the regional preferences including North, South, East and West India. It other words, mobiles will be shipped loaded with regional content such as Hindi, Punjabi and Bhojpuri movies for North India.

The G’FIVE Movie King E680 is equipped with 2.2-inch QVGA display and Dual Camera. It offers multimedia features including surround-sound effect, FM radio player, music player, video player, 3.5mm audio jack in addition to the wireless connectivity. Whereas, the other two phones comes with some additional features. The Movie King E620 offers all of the E680 features, but in addition it offers analog TV features, whereas Movie King E650 is a flip phone with 2.4-inch QVGA Touchscreen display. But after looking at the specs, we didn’t found the anything ‘Innovative’, which company used while announcing these phones.

G Five Movie King 680 620 650 G20 GFIVE Movie King E680, E650, E620 and G20 Gaming Phones Launched
The G’FIVE G20 is gaming oriented phone, same like some recent offerings like Airfone,,,, It comes pre-loaded with 1000 games including 16-bit games that includes Mario, Contra, Tetris, Goonies, and Battle City . The screen size offered is 2.4-inch which is a QVGA display (looking good but we’re eager to see its performance live). Other features include dual memory card slot, analog TV, 3.5mm audio jack, music player, and sound is enhanced with built-in Yamaha amplifier, whereas the music player and audio players can play all major file formats. Besides, short-range wireless connectivity, the G20 comes bundled with a gaming console for playing the games somewhat like playing on the PC.

The G’Five Movie King Phones comes at an affordable price, Lets look at the pricing details of G’Five Movie King Series Phones:
E680: Rs. 2600
E620: Rs. 2700
E650: Rs. 3000

Whereas, the G’Five G20 Gaming Phone is priced at Rs. 2900. All the phones will be available soon at your nearest mobile stores.

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