Simmtronics Solar PC – India’s First Solar Powered Desktop is Here!

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Simmtronics Semiconductors has announced the launch of new Solar powered Desktop PC in India and globally. The PC can describe as Green PC and it not only works with Solar Power, but also consumes low power, according to the company.

Simmtronics Simm PC Simmtronics Solar PC – Indias First Solar Powered Desktop is Here!
File Photo of Simmtronics Simm PC!

Simmtronics Solar PC reduces the Carbon footprints in environment. It is claimed to work up to 3-4 days without Sunlight. The PC can work perfectly for 350 days a year, which is useful for Metros and areas where power problems are present. Especially in Summer seasons, when power shortage happens in villages, B and C class cities. The Solar PCs can be used in Government projects as well, including evillage , Sarva Shikhsa Abhiyaan , CSE etc. which are unable to operate in some areas due to power shortage. The Simmtronics is frist Indian company who has launched the solar based PC and the company also planning to launch Solar Energy powered laptops, tablets and netbooks in near future in the country.

Simmtronics Solar based Desktop PC is now available through company’s channel partners and dealers across country. The Simmtronics Solar PC will set you back at Price Rs. 29,999 and available globally including India.

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