Epson Launches EB-9 Series Mainstream Multimedia Projectors

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Epson has today expanded its products portfolio with announcing the launch of five models of Epson EB-9 series mainstream multimedia projectors in India. These five models includes: Epson EB-95,96W,905,915W and 925.  The projectors features high brightness ratings of 2,600 to 3,500 lumens (lm) that enables the projector to project crisp clear high quality images even in bright conditions.

Epson EB 9 series projectors Epson Launches EB 9 Series Mainstream Multimedia ProjectorsAll of the Epson EB-9 Series projectors packed with advanced features including Ethernet, Wireless LAN projection (optional) and central network control, which enables projectors to operate easily with other devices for presentations such as at schools, boardrooms, conference halls and meeting halls. The EB-9 series projectors are equipped with 3LCD technology that offers full-time color projection with three separate LCD panels including (Red, Green and Blue.) to ensure smooth projection of images and bright images with accurate colors. The E-TORL Lamp used in these projectors is 20% more power efficient compared to traditional projector lamps to save energy. The projectors also feature Horizontal Keystone with a vertical (automatic/manual) and horizontal (manual keystone correction function which is ideal for small offices or boardrooms. This feature helps the projector to detect correct distortions automatically.

The longer height adjustment foot of Epson DB-9 Series projectors allows users to alter the projection height and they are equipped with 1.6 times zoom lens to enlarge projection subject. The Front Exhaust allows projectors to project from the desktop, whereas the Ethernet/Wireless LAN Projection can project images wirelessly with the help of an access point that is connected to a LAN network. The optional wireless USB module can be also installed and the 3-in-1 USB display features allows users to connect projector to PC using simple USB cable. This feature also enables users to transmit audio via USB cable and enables their playback via built-in speaker. The projectors can connect to the Epson ELPDC06 document camera with the help of USB cable and the Monitoring and Control Function allows users to monitor multiple networked projectors in the office or school remotely with the help of PC. The projectors can also be configured remotely with instant email alerts of faults including non-functioning devices or overheating lamps.

The Epson DB-9 Series projectors are equipped with multi-screen display that can be connected to up to four projectors with the help of cable. The projectors are eco-friendly; they’ve lower standby power consumption to reduce electricity consumption. All of the Epson EB-95,96W,905,915W and 925 mainstream multimedia projectors will go on sale in India at suggested retail price as follows:

EB-95 Business Projector – Rs. 58200
EB-96W Business Projector – Rs. 64000
EB-905 Business Projector – Rs. 77100
EB-915W Business Projector – Rs. 81400
EB-925 Business Projector – Rs. 87300

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