LG D2000 – Glasses-Free Monitor with Eye-tracking Feature Unveiled

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LG Electronics, has unveiled its new innovation. The company has just introduced LG D2000 20-inch monitor, which is claimed to be world’s first glasses-free 3D monitor with eye-tracking technology to maintain an optimal 3D image from various angles.LG D2000 Monitor LG D2000 – Glasses Free Monitor with Eye tracking Feature UnveiledLG D2000 is equipped with glasses-free parallax barrier 3D technology, that enables the 3D effect on this monitor and makes it ‘Glasses-free’ 3D monitor. The 3D is further enhanced with world’s first eye-tracking features and delivers enhanced performance while user is playing games, viewing movies or images. Apart from 3D content, the monitor also leashed with refined 2D to 3D conversion features.

LG D2000 gives freedom to users to watch screen from any angle. Whereas, traditional glasses-free 3D technologies requires users to stay within only some angles and in specified distance. The D2000 from LG is claimed to resolve this problem of users. The D2000’s Eye tracking technology works with the help of a special camera sensor which is attached to the monitor. This sensor detects the changes in user’s eye position and hence, it helps monitor to calculate the user’s angle and position to display adjusted optimal 3D effect.

LG D2000 monitor will be available in Korea starting this month. The company will launch this monitor in other countries including UK, USA, and India later this year. So we can expect the launch of LG D2000 in India by December 2011.

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