Zebronics ZEB-3100HMV Super Bass Multimedia Headset Launched

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Top Notch Infotronix, makers of Zebronics brand of computer peripherals, has today announced the launch of Zebronics ZEB-3100HMV headset. This super bass multimedia headset will deliver the unique sound experience to users, according to the company. It is crafted with soft contact surfaces and comes with long length cable for comfortable usage and carrying.

zebronics zeb 3100hmv Zebronics ZEB 3100HMV Super Bass Multimedia Headset LaunchedThe Zebronics ZEB-3100HMV Super Bass Multimedia headset comes with an attached remote control with 1.8 meter long cable. The headset works at frequency response of 20 HZ – 25000 HZ and delivers smooth listening experience with balanced high sounds and bass tones to users. The headset includes integrated microphone for hands free calls. The ZEB-3100HMV also features noise isolation that preserve hearing in the long run and enables users to use them in earsplitting areas without fiddling with the volume key.

The ZEB-3100HMV Super Bass Multimedia headset from Zebronics can be used with any music system like MP3 Players, iPods and other music devices. Along with most MP3 players, earphones comes free with sales package but it doesn’t suit for all ears. Hence, the ZEB-3100HMV headset would be right choice for that users as it is equipped with advanced canal type earmuffs for comfortable and good sound quality. If you’re planning to buy headset, then this one would be an options for you to choose from.

The Zebronics ZEB-3100HMV Super Bass Multimedia headset is now available at suggested retails price of Rs. 525 in India. It is backed by 1 year warranty.

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