Moser Baer Launches Ace, Nimble and Crescent USB Drives

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Well known company in storage and multimedia products, Moser Baer has expanded its range of USB Drives with announcing the launch of three new models including Ace, Nimble and Crescent. These new USB drives are light weight and comes at an affordable price.

MoserBaer Ace Nimble Crescent USB Drives Moser Baer Launches Ace, Nimble and Crescent USB Drives
Newly launched all of these USB drives are based on USB 2.0 High Sped interface and delivers up to 15 mbps transfer speeds. These USB drives will be available in various colors and they’re crafted with stylish design and form factors fulfills demands of all consumer segments. These colorful USB flash drives from Moser Baer are the successors of Chip on Board USB Drives from the company. Moser Baer Ace, Nimble and Crescent USB drives boasts cap less, sleek and stylish design and their light weight makes them compact and easy to carry. All of these drives are equipped with LED Indicator that monitors data transfer status.

Moser Baer USB Flash Drives Key Features:

  • Cap Less Sleek Design
  • Slim Form Factor
  • Hot Swappable USB2.0 plug & play
  • Compact Sleek body and Slim Form Factor
  • High Capacity High Performance Drive
  • Patented LED Indicator
  • Upto 4MB/sec write speed and upto 12MB/sec Read speed
  • Weight: 3Gms.

The Moser Baer Ace, Nimble and Crescent USB drives are initially available in 4GB capacity at suggested retail price of Rs. 345 in India. The company said other high-capacity drives would be launched soon. Only thing we’re missing in these USB Drives is that they’re lacking USB 3.0 interface and still based on traditional USB 2.0.

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  1. arjun says:

    Nimble and ACe are heavily heating up please dont purchase this