D-Link Boxee Remote Control for PC and Mac Announced

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D-Link has brought a Boxee Remote Control for PC and Mac, which was previously available with Boxee Box. The new Boxee Remote is packed in a sleek and two-sided design that is equipped with QWERTY keypad which works with D-Link Boxee Software that enables users to feel Living Room from Home Theatre PCs. This is good news for Mac and PC users who want to watch TV shows, movies, music, and photos from the Internet to TV.

d link boxee remote D Link Boxee Remote Control for PC and Mac Announced

Designed for Home Theater enthusiasts, the Boxee Remote Control features simple browsing interface that enables easy access to search and social features of Boxee Software. The users will able to share their favorite video-on-demand service through social networking websites, the Boxee Remote Control enables users to input URLs and account information for their website accounts. The Boxee remote control uses RF signals via an integrated nano-sized USB adapter so that users can point the remote to the computer easily.

“The Boxee Remote Control was one of the most talked about advances with the Boxee Box by D-Link. We’re excited to bring it to all of the Boxee users who’ve built customized home media centers and want to get even more out of their Boxee software,” commented Andrew Kippen, vice president of marketing, Boxee. “For Boxee software users, this remote makes all the difference between a PC experience and one that feels like watching TV. Consumers can literally kick back, relax and control their SmartTV experience from their couch.”

With the help of TV with a HDMI input and an Internet connection, the Boxee Remote Control enables users to watch TV Shows, movies, music and photos from Internet to TV in easy way. The interesting point is that this Boxee Remote Control can be used as an additional remote for D-Link Boxee Box. The Boxee Box supports full web browser and full HD streaming from the Internet. It support all major audio and video file formats and integrated social networking features including Facebook and Twitter further enhances the user experience.

D-Link Boxee Remote is now available at Price $49.99 (Approx Rs. 2250) at all major online retailers including Amazon.com, TigerDirect.com, NewEgg.com, and Buy.com. There is no information yet when it’ll available in India.

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