Logitech Launches USB Powered Stereo Speakers Z120 in India

By June 26, 2011 | 1 Comment

Logitech has announced the availability of their Stereo Speakers Z120 in Indian market. The compact sized new speakers from Logitech designed for portability, their design lets you fit them into your bag and take them to anywhere you go.

logitech z120 stereo speakers Logitech Launches USB Powered Stereo Speakers Z120 in India
Logitech Z120 Stereo Speaker can output your favorite music from any audio device with 3.55mm plug such as headphones, MP3, DVD Player or your computer. The Z120 takes power from USB port of laptop or netbook. It has integrated easy to use power and volume controls to adjust volume and sound according to your taste while playing music, videos etc. The company claimed that Logitech Stereo Speaker Z120 delivers richer, high quality sound and it makes users free from clutter of unsightly cords. The speakers has 1.2 W  Total watts (RMS).

Logitech Stereo Speaker Z120 is now available at Price Rs. 775 in India. The speakers are backed by limited warranty.

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  1. nice I like! Will try in showrooms. :)