Zebronics Zeb-NC3000 Premium Laptop Cooling Pad Launched

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Top Notch Infotronix, makers of products and accessories for Computers, Consumer Electronics and Communication under the brand ‘ZEBRONICS’ has expanded its product range of notebook accessories with announcing the launch of, “Zeb-NC3000 Premium Laptop Cooling Pad, a cool recliner for notebook computers.

Zebronics Zeb NC 3000 Zebronics Zeb NC3000 Premium Laptop Cooling Pad LaunchedThe Zebronics Zeb-NC3000 is designed for functionality and portability, it has retractable USB cord which enables users to slow it away neatly and it doesn’t require any other cables or power adapters, een it is angled for maximum comfort to the users and also provides clearance for the wide-sweep. It boast a 80-mm fan that creates a airflow volume of nearly 19 cubic-ft per minute at 2000 RPM speed. This cooling pad from Zebronics is must accessory for your notebook, it decrease its temperature, and increases its overall life. It is perfect for notebook sizes ranging from 8-inches to 15-inches. Zebronics claimed that this cooling pad is made with premium-grade plastic material with a soft-touch feel, which makes it a perfect for everyone and even it is available in two colours choices – matt black and electric red.

The Zebronics Zeb-NC3000A Premium Cooling Pad is now available at Price Rs. 950/- from all computer accessories and electronics stores across India.

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