Colorful Announces iGame440 1G Ymir-U and Buri-Slim Graphics Cards

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Leading supplier of NVIDIA graphics cards, Colorful has announced two new models of NVIDIA  GT440, the iGame440 1G Ymir-U and iGame440 1G Buri-Slim.

Colorful Nvidia GT440 Colorful Announces iGame440 1G Ymir U and Buri Slim Graphics Cards

Both the graphics cards are based on same PCB, but features different coolers and clocks. The Colorful iGame440 1G Ymir-U delivers better performance compared to another one, it has “shark” design cooler with pure cooper base and nickel plated heat-pipe, that provides better thermal control and superior 3D performance. It runs at 850/3800MHz (Core/memory) clock speed, while the iGame440 1G Buri-Slim runs at

Running at 810/3600MHz clock speed, The Colorful iGame440 1G Buri-Slim uses Aluminum Wire Drawing on surface of the cooler shell, and it is a single slot graphics card. The PWM fan of this graphics card runs at 500-3000rpm, which ensures the low noise level even in full load such as while playing games or editing videos.

Colorful has announced in a press release that these two cards will be showcased at CeBIT 2011 along with some other Colorful products.

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