Amkette AIR Wireless Mouse For Big Screens Launched in India

By February 18, 2011 | 2 Comments

Amkette has announced the launch of Amkette AIR Wireless Mouse in India. It has a powerful 1600 Dots Per Inch (DPI) optical engine and operates at 2.4GHz frequency, which makes it perfect for big screens monitors of 17-inch, 20-inch, 22-inch and above. Due to 1600 DPI optical engine and improved screen sensitivity and ultra-precision pointing, the cursor reacts faster across the big screen just with a slight wrist movement.

Amkette Air Wireless Mouse Amkette AIR Wireless Mouse For Big Screens Launched in India

“Our extensive R&D has shown that AIR mouse has nearly double the speed & sensitivity of any mouse currently present in the market. We came up with the AIR concept after extensive study on the needs of computer users who work on large screens. In addition, Air mouse provides precision and swift response to power users such as Graphics professionals and Gaming enthusiasts. Amkette’s AIR mouse gives true value to power users providing tremendous control over big screens and at a great price point.” said Mr. Rajiv K Bapna, Director, Amkette. “The classy and chic design has been consciously created as the people today not only need utility, but want style combined with it.”

Amkette AIR Wireless Mouse is very useful for those users who use bigger screen monitors such as Graphics designers and other designers will enjoy wireless mouse experience with ultra-precision pointing feature that helps them to cover every smallest pixel/dot on the screen. With smoother and faster cursor movements, the gamers will be able to adjust 800 DPI or 1200 DPI with single click of the button, according to the requirement. Amkette AIR Wireless Mouse boasts rich velvet touch and slim design, and also features power saving technology combined with an on-off button gives the mouse battery longer life.

Amkette AIR Wireless Mouse comes at Price Rs. 850 and carries 3-years warranty. Amkette is providing free premium carry pouch for protection with sales package. It is available at all Amkette retail outlets and other large format retail stores like e-Zone, Hypercity, Landmark, More and Jumbo as well.

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  1. Kritika Sen says:

    Great mouse…now i simply love playing games on my computer

  2. Gopal Lamba says:

    wat a sleek design…..wid cool features..