Kingston Announces DataTraveler 4000 and DataTraveler Vault Secure USB Flash Drives

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Kingston has announced its series of portable data security solutions, the DataTraveler 4000 (DT4000) and DataTraveler Vault. Kingston has joined hands with BlockMaster to develop these drives.

“The partnership with Kingston offers customers more choice when it comes to hardware. Several device types managed by the same system are in strong demand and we are happy to now be able to service even more customers,” said Anders Kjellander CSO at BlockMaster.

kingston datatraveler 4000 vault privacy Kingston Announces DataTraveler 4000 and DataTraveler Vault Secure USB Flash Drives

Featuring SafeConsole, DataTraveler Vault (DTVPM) is hardware encrypted secure USB drive, its privacy managed by central management server SafeConsole from BlockMaster. Both the drives DataTraveler 4000 and DataTraveler Vault offers most flexible, affordable USB storage solutions with high level security and ensures that consumers won’t loss important data.

“Kingston’s relationship with security software leader BlockMaster enhances our ability to offer enterprise customers the most robust and versatile centrally managed secure USB solution available on the market,” commented John Terpening, secure USB business manager at Kingston.

Lets look at details of DT4000 and DTVPM USB Drives:

DataTraveler 4000 aka DT400: It brings high level encryption to all the enterprises, finance, healthcare and security agencies, which needs high grade security. DT4000 is also validate by FIPS 140-2 Level 2 to ensure security. It’ll be available with centralized management also later this year.

DataTraveler Vault aka DTVPM: DTVPM (Data Traveler Vault – Privacy Managed) is first SafeConsoleReady Device from Kingston, which offers centralized control of all USB activity. With the SafeConsole server software from BlockMaster, it USB Drive offers advanced security features including password control, device state management, file audit log and file restrictor options to control file types. The SafeConsole management tools offers all the high level security benefits.

Kingston has not revealed availability and price details of the DataTraveler 4000 and DataTraveler Vault USB Flash Drives. We hope these drives would be launched in India soon.

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