Super Talent Launch DataGuardian Password Protected Secure USB Flash Drive

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If you want a flash drive that stores your data securily, Super Talent has developed a super secure USB Flash drive to protect your data from unauthorized use.

Super Talent Technology has announced the DataGuardian USB Flash drive, which is password protected to make your data security easy, affordable and usable. Nowadays, USB flash drives are incredibly useful and become and indispensible part of our computing environments. And to ensure data security of your USB Flash Drive data, you need to use a secure solution, but these kind of programmes are expensive and limits the functionality of drive. So using these kinds of programmes is not good deal. Most security solutions require the installation of a program, managing public/ private partitions and administrative rights. These limitations often create more problems then they solve and have dramatically slowed the adoption of secure USB devices.

Super Talent DataGuardian Super Talent Launch DataGuardian Password Protected Secure USB Flash Drive“We developed the DataGuardian based on input from our customers. Security is a basic need for portable data storage and so is the ability to use it anywhere. The challenge was to make it simple. The DataGuardian does just that,” CH Lee COO of SuperTalent.

Super Talents’ DataGuardian USB Flash Drive is perfect solution for your data security. The DataGuardian keeps your data safe without public and private partitions or even the need for software. Even it works simple Plug-and-Play method, Simply plug in the DataGuardian into an USB Port at your PC, and after that an application is automatically launched from the drive’s firmware (on-chip), Then enter your password and you will have access to your data. When you unplug the DataGuardian Flash Drive from your USB Port, the DataGuardian will secure once again. Apart from this the DataGuardian also blocks all Auto-run based malware attacks. These kinds of malware infects your system with a malware propagation technique which is the major distribution method today for recent virus attacks targeted at USB flash drives.

The Super Talent DataGuardian USB Flash Drive will be available in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB Storage Capacities. There is no word from the company yet on the availability of the drive. Watch this video to know more about the Super Talent DataGuardian:

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