Corsair Dream PC is Here! The Premium Rs. 2.5L Gaming Desktop PC

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Corsair has announced the launch of Rs. 2.5 Lakh Ultimate Dream PC in Indian Market. The Dream PC is especially targetted at gamers.

Corsair Dream PC is equipped with best gaming and hardware components  available in the market current date including latest digital entertainment technologies such as Blu-ray DVD, 3D LCD monitor, and Dolby 5.1 surround sound for a super entertainment experience.

Corsair Dream PC Ultimate Edition Corsair Dream PC is Here! The Premium Rs. 2.5L Gaming Desktop PC

Is this your Dream PC? (Photo Credit: Digit)

“Corsair forecasts explosive double-digit growth for the Indian PC gaming market in 2011 with over 10 million India gamers spending 5 or more hours a week gaming online” said Scott Thirlwell, Director of Sales – APAC at Corsair. “The fastest growing PC gaming segment is the youth market aged between 16 – 25 yrs old. Online social media such as Facebook is introducing a huge new audience to basic online games and our research shows a large number taking gaming a step further with hardcore 3D games requiring mid to high-level gaming PC hardware. This is a huge market opportunity for Corsair partners in India”.

The Dream PC is available in three models for different segments of the gaming and entertainment. The models includes Ultimate Dream PC Series, Gamer Dream PC, and Custom Dream PC. Ultimate Dream is high performance Desktop PC equipped with all the hi-end features including Blu-ray DVD, Samsung 3D LCD 22-inch monitor, NVidia 3D glasses, and Thundering sound with 5.1 Dolby surround sound with the included Corsair HS1 headset and M-Audio speaker set. The Corsair Dream PC is packed with Corsair  800D cabinet and powered by Asus P8P67 Deluxe motherboard, Intel Sandy Bridge 3.4GHz  CPU and three Nvidia based Zotac SLI graphics cards. The Dream PC boasts Corsair 120GB SSD to fast system booting and faster game load time, and uses WD 1TB Hard Disk Drive for main storage. The Corsair Ultimate Dream PC delivers superior performance with Corsair Dominator Dominator GT 12GB 2000MHz kit memory, 1200W AX power supply, H70 CPU water cooler for temperatur control and keep Cabinet cool. Other peripherals used from Razer and Logitech, The Ultimate Dream PC is comes at Price Rs. 2.5 Lakh.

Corsair Dream PC Ultimate Edition2 Corsair Dream PC is Here! The Premium Rs. 2.5L Gaming Desktop PC

The Dream PC Inside!

“To a growing number of computing enthusiasts the PC has evolved from a simple productivity tool into a status symbol and object of desire amongst their community of fellow enthusiasts” said M A Mannan, Country Manager – India at Corsair. “Corsair is providing the hardware building blocks to enable variations of the Dream PC to suit individual needs and personality”.

Other Two models includes Gamer Dream PC and Custom Dream PC. The Gamer Dream PC is designed for gaming with latest technologies. It is packed with 600T cabinet and powered by 3.1GHz Intel Sandy Bridge CPU and Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600MHz memory kit. It also equipped with powerful 600W GS Power Supply and uses powerful Asus Motherboard. The Sandy Bridge CPU comes with 60GB force SSD for perfect boot and load times and WD 500GB HDD for main storage. Other components are used from Razer and Logitech. The Corsair Gamer Dream PC is Priced at Rs. 99,000.

The third one, Custom Dream PC allows consumers to customize their PC building according to their personal requirement and style. Corsair Ultimate Dream PC and Gamer Dream PC carries 3 year warranty from Corsair. Corsair offers dedicated Dream PC support  at dedicated call centre as well as 23 Corsair Service Centers across India.

For More Details have a look at Detailed Specifications:

corsair dream pc specs Corsair Dream PC is Here! The Premium Rs. 2.5L Gaming Desktop PC

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