Charge Your Phone by Pedaling Cycle, Nokia Bicycle Charger Coming Soon in India

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Ever Wonder that your mobile can recharged by just pedaling your cycle? Then  this is possible now, Nokia is making it possible for Indian People. Yes! Nokia is planning to launch Bicycle Charger by the end of this month February or  next month.

The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit simply converts kinetic energy (by pedaling your cycle) to electrical energy, it can charge your phone for 1 hour talktime and 74 hours of standby time by just padaling your cycle for 20 minutes. It starts changing your phone when your cycle walking at 6 km/h speed and it automatically stops charging when your cycle’s speed reaches 50 km/h, the total charging time varies according to the phone and cycling speed.

Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit Charge Your Phone by Pedaling Cycle, Nokia Bicycle Charger Coming Soon in India

The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit includes a a bottle dynamo, a charger and a phone holder, The bottle dynamo stays in the front of cycle in mounting bracket, whereas the charger and phone holder attached at handle bars that can easily removed while parking. fits to the front of the bike with a mounting bracket. The Nokia Bicycle Charger kit can charge all Nokia phone with having 2 mm charging interface compatible with all Nokia phones that have a 2 mm charging interface (Nokia 1200 to Nokia 95).

The easy to use Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit comes with a rubbersed phone holeder that protects your phone from the vibration of bad roads by monting securely to your handlebars.You will be able to see the chargin progress and listen to music on the go. So, now charge your phone by generating power from your cycle and at almost free of cost. There is no additional environmental impact from charging with the Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit.

Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit is already available in Europe for Price €30 (approx Rs. 1,890) and it will be priced at Rs. 1499 in India. Wait for some time Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit is coming soon in India.

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