Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset with MotionX Technology Launched

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Jawbone has  launched Jawbone ERA Bluetooth headset, which is the only headset with built-in accelerometer, MotionX technology, a multi-processor architecture, HD Audio, and a connected app platform for richer hands-free experience.

“We’re taking wearable devices to an entirely new level,” said Jawbone CEO and founder Hosain Rahman. “We’ve perfected a complete in-bound and out-bound audio experience that is so rich it is almost addictive – whether you are listening to your favorite song or a phone call. On top of the HD audio, the integrated sensors and intelligence enable magical new ways to interact with the device and apps through natural, intuitive motion control, changing forever the way we use headsets. It’s really exciting to embark on this new journey with our users.”

jawbone era headset Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset with MotionX Technology LaunchedJawbone ERA delivers crystal clear, most life-like sound. It is equipped with a 25% larger wideband speaker that delivers HD audio while playing games, watching movies, listening music and even when you talk on the phone. It also boasts Jawbone’s legacy of noise-cancelling expertise with the latest version of military-grade NoiseAssassin 3.0 technology. These technologies enables headset to detect surrounding near your andadjust the inbound volume automatically, it is useful when you are in in a restaurant, ball game or, it delivers crystal clear voice everywhere.

Jawbone has joined hands with Fullpower-MotionX to develop the first headset with a built-in accelerometer integrated with the patented MotionX platform.

“The next era of personal technology is about products that adapt to the way we live,” added Rahman. “The best technology will reliably and seamlessly take the friction out of any experience. That’s why we chose to adopt the Fullpower-MotionX™ technology platform: it is far and away the most accurate and effective solution out there.”

Jawbone ERA detects user’s natural movements and users can “ShakeShake” the Jawbone ERA into pairing mode, and “TapTap” it to answer or end a phone call. And this is just the beginning. Jawbone has a full roadmap of innovation and enhancements under development with its partners at Fullpower-MotionX.

“Like MotionX, Jawbone pushes the innovation boundary, so we are natural partners,” said Philippe Kahn, Fullpower CEO. “MotionX integrated with the Jawbone ERA makes for a phenomenal user experience. This is the first step in a roadmap of continued innovation for years to come.”

Jawbone ERA headset looks like a tiny computer on the ear, it boasts multi-processor architecture and serial flash that enables running apps innovative way. It is equipped with set of apx including Caller ID which identify callers by name in a non-robotic voice original like voice. Further, Jawbone ERA can be updated via the MyTALK platform. It comes Jawbone THOUGHTS free iPhone app that allows you to send voice messages to your friends and groups by typing or calling, it is a utility tools that combines the speed of texting, the group collaboration of email, and the rich intonation of voice all into one. The THOUGHTS application can be found under “Jawbone” in the iPhone App Store.

Jawbone ERA is available in four designs- Shadowbox, Smokescreen, Midnight and Silver Lining. It is available now on Jawbone.com for $129, and at Apple Stores, AT&T and Best Buy stores by Sunday, January 23.

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