NOKIA is Most Trusted Brand of India: TRA Report

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According to the recently released report by The Trust Research Advisory(TRA), Finland based mobile handset maker Nokia has emerged as the most trusted brand, So it means Nokia is Indian’s Favorite Brand. TRA had included companies from all brands while researching.

Trust Research Advisory (TRA) released its 116 page long report named “The Brand Trust Report, India Study, 2011” that was launched at a press meet held at Mumbai. According to this report Nokia is at No.1 Trusted Brand, followed by Indian Company ‘Tata’ is Second, Sony is third, LG is forth, Samsung is fifth, Reliance is sixth, Maruti is seventh, LIC is eighth, Airtel is ninth and Titan is tenth most trusted brand respectively.

nokia thankyou NOKIA is Most Trusted Brand of India: TRA ReportThe Brand Trust Report, India Study, 2011 is the result of detailed research of several hundred hours of discussions with communication experts and behavioural scientists. TRA created a proprietary Trust Matrix comprising 61 different components, based on Trus Matrix the TRA launched a syndicated primary research on Brand Trust across 9 cities in India covering 2310 respondents who were classified into the ‘influencer’ category. The most intensive study on Brand Trust undertaken in the country, the study generated nearly 10,00,000 data points and 16,000 brands.

Among its TRA’s Composite Brand Trust components, Nokia scored the highest in empathy and second highest in shared Interests, scoring the 8th highest and 6th highest respectively when the top 50 brands were compared. This impies that the Nokia has a caring attitude, Good services, and understands its consumers, relates to them well and also shares their values. The combination of these two composites shows a very high emotional connect that Nokia enjoys with its customers. Brands that have this emotional synchronicity with customers and other stakeholders should be able to see approaching opportunities faster than competition, and also be able to risk taking on new initiatives as they almost ‘instinctively’ understand the impact of such actions on their audiences.

Nokia also has a good balance of Zonal Pulls across the 4 zones without much variance. But this report shows that Nokia has most favorite and highest Brand Trust Index is in the North India, followed by south. The West Zone has the maximum drag on the brand and the analysis suggests that Nokia would be able to improve its Brand Trust among people, in which the company scored highest, that the Brand is Caring and Brand Trust can be further enhanced by making a stronger commitment to visible action in Social Development Activities.

This report reveled that Mobile Phones are a highly trusted category in India. Nokia leads all brands across 3 regions other than the East, where it is the third most trusted brand. The South Zone Brand Trust Index for Nokia lags by almost 20% compared to the leading North Zone. While Nokia’s Brand Trust may vary across the regions, it is so far ahead of the other mobile phones in terms of Brand Trust that the closest, Blackberry in the North, is lower by a factor of 15. Micromax, the Indian brand of mobile phones also features in all zones other than in East, and while the similar sounding, Maxx, makes it to the top 100 most trusted brands in the North zone alone.

Congratulating Nokia, Mr. N. Chandramouli, CEO, Trust Research Advisory (TRA) said, “The parameters under which this comprehensive study was carried out by TRA, is the first of its kind in the country. I believe that this detailed study on Brand Trust™, will benefit Nokia in the long run. I wish them all the best in all their future endeavors and hope they retain the same position in the coming years as one of India ‘most trusted brands’.”

The study report also showcased that Nokia emerged as one of the fourteen brands / companies listed in the Gartner / AMR supply chain leaders list, who were also featured in the top 50 Brand Trust list. The other brands were Samsung, Dell, Colgate, HP, Microsoft, Nike, IBM, Pepsi, Hindustan Unilever, Pond’s, Dove, Lakme and Intel. As for Country Trust, Finland topped only due to the single representation of Nokia, which leads the Brand Trust list by a very large margin.

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