NVIDIA and Lenovo Showcases Lenovo 3D Gaming Monitor and 3D PC

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NVIDIA has announced that the company is expanding its NVIDIA 3D Vision ecosystem with the addition of new 3D-enabled PCs and monitors by Lenovo. With this launch, Nvidia will exceed more than 1,000 supported products with the addition of Lenovo IdeaCentre PCs and Monitors, TVs, projectors, NVIDA GPUs, video applications, cameras, and games, and other devices. NVIDIA 3D Vision technology delivers a superb breathtaking stereoscopic 3D experience for gamers, movie-lovers, professional engineer, designers, photo enthusiasts on their PCs and notebook computers.

Lenovo nvidia 3d NVIDIA and Lenovo Showcases Lenovo 3D Gaming Monitor and 3D PC

The Lenovo IdeaCentre K330 PC is a high-performance 3D gaming PC tower that features the powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX460 GPU, now joins the extensive list of 3D Vision technology-supported PCs. In addition, the new Lenovo L2363d 23-inch 3D monitor, one of the first full-HD (1920 x 1080) monitors to feature dual webcam lenses, enables users to take 3D photos or participate in stereoscopic 3D web conferencing using NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses and technology.

“NVIDIA’s 3D Vision delivers superior quality, performance and compatibility required to our consumers to enjoy an immersive 3D entertainment experience,” said Wei Jin, director of Lenovo Idea product group. “The IdeaCentre K330 PC and L2363d monitor were designed with this in mind, providing new levels of power, performance and high-quality visuals to shift consumers’ 3D gaming and multimedia experiences into overdrive.”

NVIDIA 3D Vision is a hi-end technology that supports the richest array of 3D content including 500 3D games, Blu-ray 3D movies, 3D photos and streaming Web video. It allows users to upload, share and view full-resolution 3D photos, as well as enjoy 3D movies at World’s first 3D Vision online community. NVIDIA’s 3DVisionLive.com. Apart from this, NVIDIA’s new 3DTV Play software enables users to connect PC or notebook to 3D HDTVs and HDMI 1.4-capable audio/video receivers and enjoy all the latest 3D content in the comfort of their living rooms in full HD 3D, and with HD surround sound audio. 3DTV Play software is bundled free with 3D Vision notebooks and PCs, and is available now at NVIDIA’s online store for $39.99.

“By joining the growing list of OEMs selling 3D Vision PCs, Lenovo will enable more consumers throughout the world to experience high-quality 3D entertainment on their PCs,” said Phil Eisler, general manager of 3D Vision at NVIDIA. “And, with the new Lenovo monitor, consumers for the first time can experience high-quality stereoscopic 3D web conferencing on a desktop PC system.”

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