AOC Unveils Breeze Android Tablet with 8-inch Screen

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World’s largest LCD/LED monitors and HDTVs manufacturer AOC has announced it is entering into Tablet Market.

AOC has announced the launch of the ultra portable tablet – Breeze in market. It is equipped with a 8-inch screen with 800×600 pixel resolutions and auto-rotation. It is powered by Google Android 2.1 Operating System and Rockship processor. It is equipped with a full USB 2.0 port and allows users to stream media on its screen from an attached USB device or the Internet via Wi-Fi. When fully charged, it is enables playback of upto 12 hours of Audio and upto 6 hours of Videos. It incorporates a built-in speaker, standard headphone jack and microphone.

aoc breeze tablet AOC Unveils Breeze Android Tablet with 8 inch Screen

The Breeze Tablet comes with 4GB of internal storage memory,  supports expandable storage memory with micro SD card slot and via full USB 2.0 for attaching additional storage media such as USB Hard Disk Drive. It has preloaded applications such as Web browser for browsing internet, video and audio players for multimedia playback, photo browser for viewing photos, e-mail, calendar and e-book shelves, and provides access to thousands of additional apps  downloads through the Android marketplace. The tablet weighs only Weighing in at only 1.1 pounds (499Gms.). The Breeze Tablet delivers a seamless user experience and  full range of accessories will be available for the Breeze Tablet. AOC will showcase its Breeze Tablet during CES 2011 in Las Vegas from January 6-9.

AOC Breeze Tablet will be available for purchase at a price tag of $200 (Approx Rs. 9000) at various retailers across US. AOC offering a two-year accident coverage program for loss or damage of the device.

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